Strategic Vision


“Our core goal is to create harmony in music and society”


ChoirWorks is a volunteer not-for-profit group seeking community-wide engagement. It does this through the exploration of a wide-ranging music repertoire anchored in the classical genre. It works with government, business, the community and individuals to sing and promote music. This involves public concerts, corporate contracts, artistic collaborations and domestic and overseas tours.

The core goal is to create and promote harmony in music and society. The singers own the choir and invest their time and money in pursuit of that goal. They hire and work under a professional director of music with a professional accompanist.

Through public performances of music the choir supplements its member-funding for operational purposes, seeking out collaborative opportunities with other music ensembles and soloists, professional and amateur.

For additional revenue the choir invites donations to its Gift Fund. It publicly acknowledges the contributions of business and community collaborators and supporters.

Choir membership is accessible to all adults subject to their passing an audition. The optimum number of choral singers is in the region of 60-70. The singers are placed into four parts: soprano, alto, tenor and bass, but each of these are then divided into two for eight part works.

The choir’s sound is designed to reflect an harmonic balance between youthful and mature voices, melding to create a hallmark resonance.

The director and singers search out challenging music, pursue high standards and creative adventure to demonstrate that singing is a powerful force in story-telling.

All planning aims to incorporate or be mindful of important longer-term goals. The over-riding approach is one of creative engagement and a constant search for new opportunities. This includes collaborations with other artistic forms of expression such as dance and imagery. The goal is to exploit the organic and health-inducing benefits of music psychologically and physiologically.

To sing in harmony the social behaviour and functioning of the choir must be imbued with it.
Harmony must pulsate through the choir’s organisational structure, including its communication.
The choir website and social media must offer an enriching connection for singers, audiences and the public. They both should be windows to the choir’s harmonic soul and portals to the wider world of music we inhabit.

The principle on which the choir was formed and survives is to share the joy of singing in harmony.